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LEM-emotions explained

The LEM-emotions is a scientifically validated set of cartoon characters that represents eight specific emotions.

You can use the LEM-emotions to answer research questions (explore emotions) and allow people to explain how they feel (express yourself).

LEM-emotion products

Currently, only the LEM-stickers are available. We will be extending the product portfolio with LEM-clickets (magnets) and a LEM-game.

Added value

The LEM-emotions are fun, clear and easy to use! Therefore you can use them to:

  • Enrich focus-group and evaluation studies
  • Gather emotional feedback in workshops, training and class room settings
  • Explore emotions to enhance your products and services
  • Highlight your ideas with emotions, express yourself

Numerous applications

There are many, many ways you can think of to use the LEM-emotions. Make flipover evaluations in a brainstorm more fun and effective, gather specific emotional expriences of magazines, etcetera.

See how others used LEM-emotions, and be inspired!

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